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rs25wrx's Reef!
Tank Setup


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This is a brief description of my tank setup.


The Tank:

  • 20 gallon long AGA
  • Pine Stand AGA
  • Pine Canopy DIY
  • 150 watt Visi-Therm Heater



The Lights:

Being that my reef tank was going to house mostly SPSs and Mushrooms I decided to go w/ PC and a strip light, a total of 128 watts.

  • 29" Solar Compact Light, 2-55 watt bulbs                                          
  • 10,000K
  • Blue Actinic
  • 20 Strip light, 1-18 watt bulb
  • Blue Moon Actinic

Time schedule for lights:                                                                    

7:00 am- Blue Moon Actinic StripLight On
9:00 am-Blue Actinic PC On
10:30 am-10,000K PC On
7:30 pm-10,000K PC Off
9:00 pm-Blue Actinic PC Off
10:00 pm-Blue Moon Actinic StripLight Off



The Filtration/Water Circulation:

  • 204 Fluval
  • Bak Pak 2R
  • ViaAqua 480-200gph
  • Rio 200-200gph





  • 1 of crushed coral sand bed
  • 25lbs of premium select Fiji  Live Rock




  • Supplements

            Mon-VitaChem (vitamins and nutritional supplement)

Tues-Seachem Reef Complete (calcium, strontium and magnesium)

Wed-Seachem Reef Carbonate (restores and maintains alkalinity)

Thurs-Seachem Reef Plus (trace elements, vitamins and amino acids)

Fri-Seachem Reef Complete (calcium, strontium and magnesium)

Sat-Seachem Reef Carbonate (restores and maintains alkalinity)

Sun-Kent Essential Elements (trace elements)

  • Temp: 79-80
  • pH: 8.3
  • Salinity: 1.024
  • Water change: 3 gallons monthly
  • Feeding: 2-3X daily


Tank Before the cycle, skimmer and PCs.